our commitment to excellence in stewardship

Prevailing research indicates that American young people are more Godless than ever before. However, the same researchers have noted that emerging adults place a heavy premium on relationships and authenticity. When you invest in the ministry of the Lord through Awakening, you are investing in a locally commissioned ministry effort that works actively with local churches to help adolescents transition into adulthood alongside peers who encourage them to 'work out' their faith while remaining rooted in the church. 

Awakening began and has grown very organically and with very little overhead. Our determination to partner with existing ministries - churches in particular - has kept us free from the cumbersome demands of rent and utilities. But, as the organization ages, it will need increased funding to become sustainable. Please consider helping us maintain and expand this ministry in this crucial season.

For where your treasure is, there your heart is also
— Matthew 6:21