Awakening on Campus


Mansfield is home to North Central State College & The Ohio State University at Mansfield, where many members of the Awakening Leadership Team have attended or are currently students. We've found that it is a great place to reach and connect with people, which is why Awakening on Campus was formed.

Awakening on Campus serves as an opportunity for students to get involved in a Christian community. We've discovered this to be especially significant and impactful for both commuters and resident students, whether they're on campus for a couple semesters, or for the duration of their schooling. Having that healthy community is invaluable as it provides a safe place for learning, growing and maturing as a believer and adult.

Awakening on Campus has evolved over the years, offering an array of activities and events such as Bible studies, musical worship events, service projects, retreats and more.

Jessica Birchell, Ohio State Mansfield alum, has fond memories of Awakening on Campus (formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ) when she was involved from the fall of 2007 to the spring of 2010.

She said the organization played such a large role in her college experience, noting, "I feel so blessed to have found a group of fellow believers that became family. Each week we grew closer and our bond grew stronger through Bible study, SDSR's (Something Different, Something Real), Something Randoms, retreats and so much more!"

Not just that, but she's made lasting friendships. 

"We've been in each other's weddings, a marriage blossomed out of a friendship made through the organization, friends have even helped each other on home remodeling projects even after not seeing each other for a few years," she said.  "I loved having this 'cru' around during my college years. There are so many choices (good and bad) that could be made while in college, and I am very thankful that I was surrounded by Jesus-loving folks who pointed me to Him in good times and in bad."